DIY Canvas Print Gallery

DIY Canvas Print Gallery

Back when we first moved into our rental house outside of Charlotte, NC, we had this huge bonus room upstairs that I kind of made into my woman cave. It was my “office” and it was like an extra living room that we never ever used for that purpose. Except I would play Nintendo in there every once in awhile. That’s right. The original Super Nintendo complete with Mario Kart that I got from a used video game store years ago for $20. Gotta keep it fresh. I just brushed my shoulders off…

Anyhow, that room was huge and white and plain and I wanted to nerd out a little bit by creating a sort of gallery of our pop culture interests while adding some color. I did a Google search for some inspiration and I came across this post on how to make your own canvas prints from Maggie over at The Love Nerds! Such a simple idea to make a big impact in a room! And you can display whatever you want. Great for picky people like me.

So, I started brainstorming my favorite musicians, movies, books, shows, etc. and I followed Maggie’s instructions (keep scrolling) to make my own wall. Here is where I started:

Pop Culture Wall


These are a few of my favorite things. Please cue the “aaaaaallllllrighty then!” Ace Ventura is my DUDE. I smile every time I picture him bent over, speaking to the African animal kingdom through his buttocks. Just classic.

I found my Chosen Ones by searching for my pop culture faves followed by “high res” in my Google Images keywords to try and get the best quality for my 8×10’s. I actually got them printed at work through my old job, but Maggie suggests printing through Office Max in her post. Anywhere you trust for your printing needs would work!

You will likely be required to cut the prints down to the perfect 8×10 size since letter size (8.5 x 11″) is typical for printing. The prints are then carefully and slowly pressed onto the canvases with modge podge, both in a layer underneath and then two over the top of the print to secure it. I then used Scotch Permanent Mounting tape to hold each canvas to the wall.


I want to mention that the mounting tape is key. When we first moved into the new rental in Colorado, I half-assedly tried hanging the canvases with clear packing tape folded over on itself in three places on the back of the canvases. I don’t even know the caliber of laziness that took over me to prompt me to do this. The canvases made it a few hours until they began to fall, one by one. It came down to Led Zeppelins Celebration Day album (for the record all you grammar Nazis, the link would not allow an apostrophe there for possession) and Breaking Bad’s Walter White, and at that point, I just had to make it a race. I chose Walt and Sammy went with Zeppelin. Just a few days ago, Walt cracked under the pressure and abandoned his post. Damn him! Sammy = 1, me = 0.

Also in my woman cave, I had this old desk that was bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond in 2004 when I moved into my first apartment in college. It cost $40 and came Ikea-style (y’all know the struggle) in a box with more pieces than you’d think possible for what it is. Speaking of, I came across this hilarity a couple weeks ago; who else thinks this is painfully accurate?

Ikea Birthday Cake Meme



Back to my cheap desk.

That thing had been moved six times into new apartments/townhouses/homes and I tried to make it a seventh in bringing it to Colorado, but it finally breathed it’s last breath and broke without even making it into the Penske. I’ve been on the hunt for a desk ever since and I recently found one for free on Craig’s List! It was mighty heavy and required assistance, but it has lots of storage and is now in my new office! I have been SUPER psyched about finally having a desk so I could unpack the remaining boxes of junk and office stuff and get organized in this new house once and for all. I also wanted to give Walt, Ace, Ron Burgundy and friends another chance.

Something about having your own dedicated office space to work, and not being forced to get multiple uses out of your kitchen table, helps to inspire you to get down to business. To create. To write. To clear your head. I’ve been reading alot lately about business, entrepreneurship, inspiration, creativity. I read somewhere that you should read 5-10 motivational quotes every day, and I planned to incorporate these into my pop culture wall and put up the whole gallery above my desk. That way I can hang out with Ace and everyone’s favorite Khaleesi, while also reading some pretty uplifting (and personal) messages every single day. Score!

I searched long and hard for my quotes, but I finally found them in case anyone likes them and wants to grab them from these awesome ladies:



Free printable by Stephanie at 

Especially in the wake of David Bowie’s death, I just fell in love with this one!







Free Printable by Desiree at







C.S. Lewis Quote


Free Printable by Angie at

So fitting after moving across the country!






Comparison Quote


Free printable by Joy at

This one really, REALLY hit home for me. Just starting out trying to start my site, figuring out what I want to do… you learn from others and naturally compare yourself to them as well. You have to take a step back and remember you are new, you are learning, but are you doing all you can to succeed? If yes, then remember this quote! Make your own way. Learn from others, but do not compare.



Dr. Seuss quote


Free printable by Megan at

From my favorite childhood book of all time.





Mountains quote


Free printable by Vanessa at


It’s just perfect.




Yoda quote


Free printable by Laura at

Gotta love Yoda quotes! But when you are looking to build your own brand, this is just super inspiring. Nuff said.




I had my quotes printed at Fedex. Honestly, it just was closest in proximity. I cut them down to size and began to make more canvas prints to incorporate my quotes into the gallery.


  • 8×10″ Canvas panels
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush or Sponge brush for Mod Podge
  • Something to pour your Mod Podge in
  • Prints
  • Mounting Tape
  • Razor or cutting blade


  1. Cut your prints down to the right size. Trust me, you would rather have the prints end up slightly larger than the canvas than to be smaller! You can cut off the excess with a blade after adhering to the page with Modge Podge.
  2. Slather a layer of Modge Podge on a canvas (not too thin and not too thick!) Starting with the bottom of your canvas one corner at a time, SLOWLY smooth down your print onto the canvas. Bubbles are not easy to get out once they are already there. Once you pull your page back up after it’s been adhered, it ain’t a pretty result, so take this step slowly and patiently! Let each print sit for 20 minutes.
  3. Add a layer of Modge Podge to the top of your print and let dry 20 minutes
  4. Add a second layer and let dry
  5. Add adhesive tape to the back of your canvases and arrange on the wall

*Modge Podge will appear white as you paint it on, but it dries clear. DO NOT PANIC!

*If you would like to use an acrylic sealer on top of your last layer of Modge Podge, have at it! Mine was not tacky with just the MP though and I did not use a sealer.

Final Results:


Office Wall Behind Desk Before


Office Wall Behind Desk After

Office Wall Behind Desk After 2

I LOVE the way it turned out! So much more cozy in here now and it’s not just this big ugly plain wall behind my desk anymore! It’s finally turning into a functional space and not just a spare room to store crap in.

More to come on the hanging feather balls in the corner. I will come up with a cooler name than “hanging feather balls in the corner” by the time I post about them.


What’s your favorite motivational or childhood quote?

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8 thoughts on “DIY Canvas Print Gallery

  1. Katy

    I dig your choices – Jimi might be my favorite. Love the creativity in your working environment!

    1. Kellie K.

      It was a sweet picture! I kinda love them all. SEE YOU SOON

  2. Deborah Sweeney

    My personal favorite is, of course, the Boston Red Sox. Just because. Looks great, honey! Great ideas! Happy birthday by the way!

    1. Kellie K.

      That was a given! Thank you 🙂

  3. Muke

    Happy birthday sissy! You need to add a Cooper River bridge pic too Charleston was good to you!

    1. Kellie K.

      Thank you and you’re absolutely right!! Next expansion will have that 🙂

  4. Mike

    Haha Muke? That’s too funny

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